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  1. Principle of action: Botulinumtoxin-A (BTX) paralyses mucsles by depletion of synaptic mediators and thus inhibition of nerval impulses on the muscle.
  2. Materials: We only use genetically engineered Botulinumtoxin-A
  3. Indikations: Mimic wrinkles and fine lines that are caused by movement of the facial muscles, e.g. frowning, causing wrinkles on the forehead as well as at the base of the nose, lateral wrinkles on the eyes (crow's feet), wrinkles around the mouth, axillary hyperhidrosis (increased sweating in the arm pits).
  4. Botulinumtoxin-A has been approved for therapy of mimic wrinkles and hyperhidrosis
  5. Preparation: No preparation is necessary. Due to the sensitivity of the material, no local anaesthesia is possible, however the treatment is generally well tolerated.
  6. What to expect: After Botox treatment, typically, results can be seen within 4-5 days. Muscles cannot be actively tensed, thus mimic moves are reduced as are the subsequent wrinkles. Injection might lead to small hemorrhages, crust formation, swelling or redness in the treated area.
  7. Side effects: In rare cases, the effect might not be sufficient. Should this occur, please come to see us again for a free reinjection; in extremely rare cases BTX shows no effect. This might occur, e.g. after food poisoning. Potentially, one can switch to a different manufacturer of the product to circumvent this effect. So far, no allergic reactions to Botox have been reported. Paralysis of certain muscles in the face might lead to asymmetry, unnatural lift of the eyebrows, when treating the forehead or double vision in case of paralysis of muscles of the eye.
  8. The treatment effect usually lasts 4-9 months.