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Dermatologic surgery

Dermatologic surgery comprises the whole spectrum, including: abrasion/smoothing of acne scars, sentinel lymph node extraction, curettage of sweat glands (including liposuction), vascular surgery (varicose veins), etc..

Our specially trained OR-nurses are: Cordula, Elfriede, Hedda, Olivia and  Renate (head nurse).
Operations will be performed by the head of our unit Dr. W. Kimmig and/or additional, experienced, especially in dermatologic surgery trained doctors.

For vascular surgery (e.g. stripping of varicose veins) specially trained surgeons will be operating; Dr. Hauswirth and Dr. Schulz will operate on you and will also examine you in our special phleobologic clinic.

Head of our dermatoloic surgery clinic is Dr. W. Kimmig.

Dermatologic Surgery Clinic
Telefon: 011-49-40- 42803 - 3650 / - 3659
Dr. Wolfgang Kimmig (Head of Clinic)
Martinistraße 52, 20246 Hamburg
main building, ground floor, left wing