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International Conference Barcelona 2006

advances and controversies in laser medicine and surgery

30.8.2006 - 1.9.2006, Catalonian Palace of Congresses, Barcelona

Dear Colleagues,

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Plataforma Láser Multidisciplinaria of Centro Médico Teknon, a cooperation of specialists working in Cutaneous and Surgical Laser applications, we have the great honor and pleasure to announce the 1st International Conference “Advances and Controversies in Laser Medicine and Surgery”, in Barcelona in 2006. We cordially invite you to attend this meeting.

Our aim is to turn Barcelona into an international forum that is independent of commercial interests and capable of bringing together the most influential experts in everything related to laser development, innovations and applications in medicine. This conference is meant to be a unique opportunity to discuss progress in laser medicine and to share the most recent knowledge and outstanding experience of highly renowned international experts.

Objectives of this Conference are:

Late summer is one of the best periods to visit Barcelona. The city of Gaudi is not only attractive for its extraordinary culture but also as a centre for shopping in most beautiful quarters, sports and for the charm of its recreational and leisure areas in the surroundings.

Please join an international, renowned faculty in beautiful Barcelona for a stimulating, educational laser conference during which advances and innovations in laser medicine and surgery will be presented for both cosmetic and medical Dermatology / Plastic Surgery indications in a constructive and lively forum.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Barcelona.

Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder MD - Albert J. Nemeth MD - Gabriel Buendía Nuñez MD

The complete program can be found here...

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